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Bill Connolly - CEO | Digital Stylist

Bill is a digital stylist, communications coach and member of Marshall Goldsmith's 100 Coaches. He helps executives, speakers, authors, and celebrities elevate their engagement with their team, customers, and all other digital communication. Bill’s coaching provides the opportunity to improve your performance in a digital landscape and create better connections with people. One of the biggest challenges for today’s leaders is communicating with authenticity and professionalism through a screen. Bill is an expert in helping understand both of these.

He brings over 20 years of experience in corporate communications and learning, more than a decade of expertise in corporate consultation, and knowledge gained while running his own multimedia business. His mission is to create transformational digital coaching practices for executives and to foster consistent connectedness in businesses.


Eric has dedicated his entire career to the craft of live producing – from local TV to the digital world – he has seen it all. He’s been a key piece to fueling innovation and live content in whatever job he’s in. Eric has led “how to level up” producing seminars and has won several awards for his productions including an Emmy for a production in Los Angeles.

Eric has over 13 years of experience and knows what it takes to create and execute live and non-live productions in the digital and broadcast

TV world. 

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