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Michael Kors


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Marshall Goldsmith

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Learn how to excel in this accelerated digital-driven business landscape with virtual tools and strategies from a professional and reputed Digital Communications Coach with over 20 years of experience in collaborating with leaders, relationship-building, and

problem-solving. Supportive and dedicated,

Bill Connolly has operated as a bridge between technology, and leaders, and their colleagues for decades, with the mission of making digital tools more accessible and simpler to use

for his clients. 


Be a part of a dynamic community of corporate leaders across many fields and experience the advantage of networking with Leaders in Action’s high-value clients. Meet and share ideas with industry movers and shakers and forge corporate relationships that can revolutionize your business. 


We partner with industry experts and specialists in creating digital material that elicits effective engagement to enhance the coaching experience you receive and to train you on digital communications. With our curated partnerships, we work with you to: produce live-streams, investor events, eLearning solutions, mobile video reports, corporate news shows, and more.


“Because I spend all day on video with clients and webinars around the world, looking professional and high-end is critical! Bill is an outstanding digital communications consultant and stylist and has helped so many of my friends and colleagues with their setups. It is always a joy to work with Bill as he is easy-going, ready to help with any changes or tech support, and knowledgeable on the process from start to finish. Bill even helped to find me a local tech assistant for video editing and studio support!

Bill has gone above and beyond to provide the highest quality service and I highly recommend him to anyone in need of boosting their virtual presence.


Marshall Goldsmith is the New York Times #1 bestselling author of 

Triggers, Mojo, and What Got You Here Won’t Get You There.

Marshall Goldsmith - Thinkers 50 #1 Executive Coach and only two-time

#1 Leadership Thinker in the world. |

“Once the pandemic hit, I was unsure how to set up my new studio. I was surrounded by a confusing array of equipment.


After wasting months on trial and error with studio design, I still wasn’t pleased with the impression I was creating with my CMO clients and virtual keynotes.


I had a breakthrough moment after Bill and I worked on the first phase of studio redesign. One of my biggest West Coast clients immediately commented how I looked radiant and sharp! 


Thank you Bill! You are now my game-changing media adviser and digital influence guru!“


Lisa Nirell, Founder, EnergizeGrowth® LLC

CMO Advisor, Marketing Strategist, & Award Winning Author |

"With all the time I spend on Zoom, I quickly realized that I needed to up my game. I started using a better webcam than my MacBook, and a better mic. And while the results were definitely better, it was still mediocre. What it means to look professional - to be professional - has changed. And a webcam doesn’t cut it. So I reached out to Bill Connolly. The man is a wizard. A kind, knowledgable,  smart, gracious wizard. After a few conversations, he sent me a list of what I should buy - which turned out to be much less expensive than I expected - and then he helped me set it all up, refine it, and get comfortable with it. 100% customized to me and my space. It made a HUGE difference. Immediately noticeable. It’s rare that I’m on a videoconference call and someone doesn’t ask if I’m in a studio. It’s not a subtle difference, it’s a game changer. Videoconferencing is not going away. It’s really a no-brainer to get Bill’s help - it made all the difference to me, my clients, and my business. Thank you Bill!!"


Peter Bregman, Ranked #1 Executive Coach, Top 30 Thought Leader

Author, Speaker, and CEO |

"I had the pleasure of working with Bill for over 10 years, first with Black & Decker, then with Stanley, and finally with Spectrum Brands. Working in the manufacturing and consumer products space, over half of our employees were front-line team members who worked in distribution centers or production facilities across the globe. Bill was a miracle worker! As an internal communications leader, one of my biggest challenges is finding innovative, genuine, impactful ways to connect with employees. Through video storytelling and dynamic content, Bill was able to help us clearly show our organizational culture in action, actively demonstrate our leaders' commitment to transparent and authentic communication, and help employees at every level in the organization understand how their specific role contributed to our business strategy and purpose. If you have responsibility for communications, organizational culture, employee engagement, or simply ensuring that your team experiences your message in the best way possible, your first call should be to Bill!"


Debbie Millsap, Head of Strategic Growth Initiatives, Blue Beyond Consulting

Former Director of Corporate Communications at Black & Decker, Stanley & Spectrum Brands.

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